leadership council

ICI’s extensive global presence would not be possible without the transformative role of the Leadership Council.  Established in 2013, the visionary group develops new ideas that will elevate ICI to the next level. The members of the Leadership council share a passion for international perspectives on contemporary art, and recognize the need for strong regional networks of curators and art spaces within ICI’s global scope. In this way, the Council works together with ICI to nurture the curatorial network from the inside out, and establishes the crucial foundations for the future of international exchange.


international forum

Whether near or far, patrons of the International Forum are invited to join ICI for exclusive, behind-the-scenes programs, including travel opportunities, studio visits, and events throughout the year drawing from ICI’s international network. International Forum members are connected by ICI to the leading curators, collectors, artists, and institutions that are making a difference in shaping contemporary art today.


The Independents

An invitation-only membership group of dynamic individuals active in the contemporary art world that coalesce around the organization’s programs and support its vision for the future. Through ICI, the Independents have access to programs and select events with international curators and artists, and remain connected to a global world of art, access to the curators, artists, and art spaces that keep their finger on the pulse of contemporary art worldwide.


Patrons Events

ICI gives you access to the people – artists, curators, critics, collectors, and museum directors – that are key to current developments in art, curating, and exhibition-making today.  Thought-provoking events, such as the ICI Conversations series, bring you an insider's perspective on ICI, your access point to contemporary art around the world.



Support ICI by joining a network of dedicated patrons, art world professionals and enthusiasts who champion contemporary art and international collaborations. Your donation directly contributes to the production of ICI’s exhibitions, events, research and training programs, and publications, and helps forging a strong international network for curatorial exchange.

Make a fully tax-deductible contribution to ICI today, or choose to contribute to ICI’s Access Fund, or the Gerrit Lansing Education Fund.

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Join ICI’s network of supporters, and help building a dynamic international exchange platform for the curators, artists and art spaces who advance art practice in the 21st century: donate any amount towards the production of exhibitions, events, training programs, research initiatives and publications; or contribute to the Access Fund, or the Gerrit Lansing Education Fund.

ici access fund

The Access Fund supports under-funded venues and curators from around the world who cannot otherwise take advantage of ICI’s programming. Since it was established in 2009, the Fund has made possible the presentation of ICI exhibitions at venues around the world, and provided scholarships for emerging curators, enabling them to attend the Curatorial Intensive.


The Gerrit Lansing Education Fund was established in 2010 to honor ICI’s founding chairman and his strong belief that the future of the organization’s success is rooted in educational activities for broad publics internationally. Enduring Gerrit’s legacy, the Fund has contributed to ICI’s public programs and supported a new generation of curators through Curatorial Intensive scholarships and the Independent Vision Award.


We thank the following Trusts, Foundations, and Government Agencies:

A G Foundation, Albuquerque Community Foundation, The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, Emily Hall Tremaine Foundation, Elizabeth Firestone Graham Foundation, Evelyn Toll Family Foundation, FADA Foundation, Foundation To-Life, Ford Foundation, Founders of the Irresistible Thing, The French Institute, Graham Foundation for Advanced Studies in the Fine Arts, Hartfield Foundation, James H.W. Thompson Foundation, James Howell Foundation, The Joyce Foundation, Keller Family Foundation, kurimanzutto, Lambent Foundation Fund of Tides Foundation, New York City Department of Cultural Affairs in partnership with the City Council, New York State Council on the Arts with the support of the New York State Legislature, Rockefeller Brothers Fund, SAHA, Taipei Cultural Center in New York, The Toby Lewis Foundation, Trust for Mutual Understanding

The Leadership Council

Sarah Arison, Josh Brooks and Jung Lee, Lee Broughton, Eric Bunnag Booth, MAIIAM Contemporary Art Museum, William Bush, Adriana Cisneros and Nicholas Griffin, Paula Crown, Dimitris Daskalopoulos, Faruk and Fusun Eczacibasi, Kathy Fuld, Jane Glassman, Fine Art Dealers Association, Marian Goodman, Peter and Laurie Grauer, Agnes Gund, Marlene Hess, Toby Devan Lewis, Dorothy Lichtenstein, Jeanne and Dennis Masel, Julie Mehretu and Jessica Rankin, Patricia Phelps de Cisneros, Emily Pulitzer, Hanna Schouwink, Jack Shear, Jerry Speyer, Svetlana Uspenskaya and Alexey Kousmichoff, Mercedes Vilardell, Lawrence and Alice Weiner

The International Forum

Julia Bruck, Alfredo Deza, Lacy Davisson Doyle, T.A. Fassburg, Joan Borinstein and Gary Gartsman, Julie and Robert Graham, Bettina Jebsen, Paula Karstens, Emily Jane Kirwan, Nicole Klagsbrun, Sally Morgan Lehman, Kathleen O'Grady, Sally Ross, Susan Seelig, Doreen Small, Younghee Kim Wait, Joseph and Sheila Yurcik

The Independents

Adam Abdalla, Danny Baez, Charlotte Bancroft, Kristen Becker, Liddy Berman, Alyson Cafiero, Fischer Cherry, Maggie Clinton, Alix Dana, Bridget Donahue, Monica F. Eulitz, Cherry Fischer, Shawna Cooper Gallancy, Bill Glennon, Taymour Grahne, Alexa Halaby, Ebony L. Haynes, Astrid Hill, Patton Hindle, Alix Hornyan, Heather Hubbs, Jon Huddleson, Naomi Huth, Jeremiah Joseph, Lauren Kelly, Phyllis Lally Seevers, Sims Lansing, Max Levai, Alex Logsdail, Franceso Longenecker, Julia Lukacher, Liz Luna, Celine Mo, Charles Moffett, Josie Nash, Paula Naughton, Larry Ossei-Mensah, Sarah Paul, Rita Pinto, Paul Richert-Garcia, Thomas Rom, Jenny Slayton-Green, Laura Saenz, Amanda Singer, Thor Shannon, Julie Solovyeva, Jessica Speiser, Tasha Sterling, Seth Stolbun, Katharine Urbati, Todd von Ammon, Dexter Wimberly, Christopher Wise, Georgia Wright, Adam Yokell

On behalf of the ICI Board of Trustees, we thank all the individuals whose generous contributions have made ICI’s programs of exhibitions, events, publications, research and training initiatives internationally possible.

Jan & Stefan Abrams, Alexander Ahn, Anne & Matt Hamilton, Christopher Apgar, Dru Arstark, Yan Assoun, David Auchincloss & Robin Rue, Roland Augustine, Yona Backer, Laura Bardier, Maddy Beckwith, Annie Belz, Claire Bergeal, Ronald Berk, Benjamin Bischoff, Franklin Boyd, Lindsey Boylan, Allison Brant, Peter Brant, Estrellita Brodsky, Anne Bruder, F Bunts, Bryan Byala, Lisa Byala, Vira Capeci, Tei Carpenter, Katherine Chan, Jillian Choi, James Cohan, Joe Cohen, Nina Cohen, Peter Colon, Justin Conner, Susan Coote, Beth Daniels, Lisa Dennison, Allison Derusha, Permele Doyle,Yulia Dultsina, Mia Enell, Heather Ewing, Alia Fattouh, Alaina Claire Feldman, Barbara Fosco, Hugh Freund, Scott Friedman, Janis Gardner Cecil, Lisa Garrison, Marnie Gelfman, Abigail Goodman, Dunja Gottweis, Sarah Goulet, Hunter Gray, Ronald Greenberg, Laird Grant & John Groody, Regina & Peter Gross, Paul Ha, Lynn & Martin Halbfinger, Laura & Bernard Hamilton, Michelle Hellman Cohen, Irena Hochman, Anne Huntington, Mary Jane Jacobs, Meg & Howard Jacobs, Priscilla Kanady, Tony Karman, Margie & Donald Karp, Tulsi Karpio, Susi Kenna, Wynn Kramarsky, Elena Kyriakides & Guillermo Ulke, Bryn Larsen, Elizabeth Leach, Raymond Learsy, Jeffrey Levin, Dominique Levy, Glenn Ligon, Scott Lorinsky, Lily Lyons, Candice Madey, Ellen Chesler & Matthew Mallow, Margaret Malloy, Iris Marden, Marjorie Mayrock, Annbel McCall, Meredith McRoberts, Bee & Gregor Medinger, Lisa Melandri, Dennis Miller, Jonathan Miller, Luis Morais, Karen Moss, Rob & Ros Storr, Liz Mulholland, Shulamit Nazarian, Nazy Nazhand, Benjamin Ogilvy, Steven Oxman, Kim & John Palmer, Gabriela Palmieri, Judith Pineiro, Vivian Pollock, Matthew Powers, Ben Rawlingson Plant, Anthony Ressler & Jami Gertz, Michael Ringier, Sheila Robbins, Mark Rosenthal, Wilbur & Hilary Ross, Scott Rothkopf, Alexander Rower, Beth Rudin De Woody, Rosina F. Rue, Rahul Sabhnani, Lynne Sable, Jane Sadaka, Barbara Salmanson, Jeff & Laura Schaffer, Patricia & Charles Selden, Carole Server, Adam Shopkorn, Joyce Siegel, Peter Soriano, Jane Stageberg, Craig F Starr, Tabor Story, Tavares Strachan, John & Eleanor Sullivan, Jr., Peter Svrcek, Ann Temkin, Thomas Tisch, Julie & Hans Utsch, Pilar Vahey, Joan Van der Grift, Helen Warwick, Jessica Wilcox, Elizabeth Willis Leatherman

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