The magazine ERRATA # was created in 2009 under the direction of Jorge Jaramillo at the Fundacion Gilberto Alzate Avendaño, Management of Visual Arts. The editorial portion is coordinated by Sofia Parra and an editorial committee composed of representatives from various art schools in Bogota. In 2010, Katia Gonzalez joined the magazine as an editorial consultant. In 2011, the Gerencia de Artes Plasticas y Visuales del Instituto Distrital de la Artes, under the direction of Cristina Lleras, collaborated with the project. Besides developing the editorial process of the magazine, ERRATA # also works as a curatorial collective that produces exhibitions, workshops, the ERRATA # Symposium, and creative labs. Among the curators that have worked with ERRATA # are David Zink Yi, Eder Castillo, and Tucumán Arde with Graciela Carnevale as co-curator.

involved in:

2013 Bogotá Curatorial Intensive Symposium

Join ICI and the 2013 Bogotá Curatorial Intensive on Saturday, November 30 for a daylong public symposium where the participants will present the exhibition and project proposals that they have developed through the program.

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Revistas sobre arte y cultura en el continente americano

El proyecto busca cartografiar los flujos discursivos, las estrategias de circulación textuales y visuales por parte de editores, autores y artistas, y las distintas…

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Curatorial Intensive in Bogotá

This program marks the second Curatorial Intensive developed in Spanish by ICI. In collaboration with the Gerencia de Artes Plásticas y Visuales of the Instituto Distrital de las Artes, the Curatorial Intensive in Bogotá...

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