Mapping the Caribbean: Puerto Rico

Posted on August 17, 2012

beta local
Courtesy of Beta Local

Beta-Local is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting and promoting aesthetic thought and practice through various programs including ‘La Práctica,’ a post-academic study and production program through which fellows coming from diverse disciplines take a project from concept to production; ‘The Harbor,’ a residency program for visiting international artists, architects, designers, and other cultural producers; and ‘La Ivan Illich,’ an open experimental school through which the participating public requests and creates courses and workshops.

There is a full schedule of public programming which includes exhibitions, lectures, pin-ups (open critiques), screenings, publications, and a small reference library—‘La Esquina’, focused on art and design that is open once a week to the general public.

Chemi Room
chemi room
Photo: Chemi Rosado

Chemi Room is the living room at Chemi Rosado’s apartment, converted into a ‘white-cube’ exhibition space. It emerges from the need to generate self-run art shows, projects, and exhibitions that would otherwise remain excluded from the national context of Puerto Rico. The program includes a wide variety of proposals ranging from site-specific projects to exhibitions that allow artists to share processes with their friends and colleagues and with a growing international community.

La Loseta
la loseta
Source: La Loseta

Managed by artist Juni Figueroa, La Loseta is a project which consisted of 12 exhibitions and events during 2011. The idea for its creation came from the need for consistent exhibitions and events under the notion of self-organization, at a time when galleries and exhibition spaces were affected by the economic crisis.

Reflecting the evolving landscape of the art scene, this platform will be updated as new information becomes available. Thanks to the artists and curators who have helped to shape and enrich the project to date.

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