Independent Curators International supports the work of curators to help create stronger art communities through experimentation, collaboration, and international engagement.

Independent Curators International supports the work of curators to help create stronger art communities through experimentation, collaboration, and international engagement.

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Curatorial Intensive New York Fall 2014

Sep 21 – 30, 2014

New York, NY, USA

New York, NY

Independent Curators International (ICI) unviels the Curatorial Intensive Curating Now. The ten-day professional development program offers curators the opportunity to discuss the concepts, logistics, and challenges of organizing exhibitions, public programs, and other discursive formats. Topics range from the pragmatics of developing a program and building working relationships with artists to the theoretical aspects of understanding how to turn a concept into a project and effectively communicate ideas.

Grace Aneiza Ali

Grace Aneiza Ali is a Curator and an Assistant Professor and Provost Fellow in the Department of Art & Public Policy at the Tisch School of the Arts at New York University in New York City.

Zoë Chan

Zoë Chan is an independent Canadian curator and critic.

Miriam de Miguel

Miriam de Miguel explores the role of collaborative and participatory artistic practices in contemporary art.

Bruna Fetter

Professor and researcher at the Art Institute at UFRGS, Bruna Fetter holds a PhD in Art History, Theory and Criticism (PPGAV/UFRGS).

Jeanne Gerrity

Jeanne Gerrity is a curator, writer, and editor.

Sarah Hardie

Sarah Hardie is a curator, artist and writer that explores the politics and relations attached to the human voice.

Robin Newman

Robin Newman (b.1988, Los Angeles, CA) works in art in a multidisciplinary fashion.

Valquíria Prates

Valquíria Prates holds a degree in Linguistics and Literature, and a Master in Public Policies for Education and has been engaged in research at University of São Paulo since her graduation, when she started working at the Museum of Contemporary Art educational projects.

Rotem Rozental

Rotem Rozental, Ph.D, is the Executive Director of the Los Angeles Center of Photography.

Pinar Üner Yilmaz

Pinar Üner Yilmaz is a PhD candidate at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) in the Art History Department, where her area of concentration is contemporary art with a particular interest in cross-cultural curatorial studies and Istanbul Biennials.

Rachel Cook

Rachel Cook is the Artistic Director of On the Boards, a Contemporary Performance Center in Seattle.

Jessica Gallucci

Jessica Gallucci is an independent curator based in New York City.

Renaud Proch

Renaud Proch is Independent Curators International (ICI)’s Executive & Artistic Director.

María del Carmen Carrión

María del Carmen Carrión is an independent curator and art critic from Quito, who received an MA from the Curatorial Practice Program at California College of the Arts, in San Francisco, and taught at Universidad Católica in Quito.

Anne Barlow

Anne Barlow is Director of Art in General, New York, where she has curated numerous exhibitions, and recently launched Art in General’s annual curatorial conference What Now? in collaboration with the Vera List Center for Art and Politics.

Stuart Comer

Stuart Comer is the Chief Curator of the Department of Media and Performance Art at The Museum of Modern Art, New York.

Reem Fadda

Reem Fadda is an independent curator based in Ramallah.

Lia Gangitano

In 2001, Lia Gangitano founded PARTICIPANT INC, a not-for-profit art space, presenting exhibitions by Virgil Marti, Charles Atlas, Kathe Burkhart, Michel Auder, and Renée Green, among others.

Elizabeth M. Grady

Elizabeth M. Grady, Ph.D., is a curator and critic, and is the inaugural Director of Programs at A Blade of Grass, an organization that supports socially engaged art.

Holland Cotter

Holland Cotter is co-chief art critic and a senior writer at The New York Times.

Larissa Harris

Larissa Harris is the Executive Director of Teiger Foundation, New York, NY.

Tumelo Mosaka

Tumelo Mosaka is an independent curator, and currently the Mellon Project Director and Curator in African American and African Diaspora Studies at Columbia University, New York.

Andrea Geyer

Andrea Geyer uses both fiction and documentary strategies in her image and text based works.

The Curatorial Intensive was made possible in part by grants from the Robert Sterling Clark Foundation and the Hartfield Foundation; and by generous contributions from Toby Devan Lewis, the ICI Board of Trustees, the ICI Gerrit Lansing Education Fund, and the supporters of ICI's Access Fund.