curatorial intensive

The Museum of the Future?: Curating Institutions

  • Curatorial Intensive, Beijing, 2012

Program Dates: August 5-11, 2012

Application Deadline: Passed

ICI and the Ullens Center for Contemporary Art (UCCA), Beijing are accepting applications from curators working around the world to participate in The Museum of the Future?: Curating Institutions, the first Curatorial Intensive to be held in China.

Organized from August 5–11, 2012, the short-course training program will use curatorial thinking to examine strategies for creatively building infrastructures for contemporary art that respond to the changing needs of artists and new art publics. Since the “Experimental Institutionalism” that arose in Europe at the beginning of the new millennium curators have increasingly taken on directorial roles to establish new precedents for programming institutions and challenging traditional exhibition formats. Now, worldwide we are witnessing the development of an incredible range of institutions—from the smallest and most itinerant to vast exhibition halls amidst the mega-complex—that are responding to the social and political contexts through which they arise.

This 7-day program will explore the historical precedents, new models, and emergent curatorial practices that are influencing the infrastructures for art through an intensive schedule of seminars, site visits, individual meetings, and round table discussions. Faculty include Zdenka Badovinac (Director, Moderna Galerija, Ljubljana), Zoe Butt (Director and Curator, San Art), Yu Ding (Vice President, School of Humanities and Director of Arts Management Department, CAFA), Kate Fowle (Executive Director, Independent Curators International), Wang Huangsheng (Director, CAFA Art Museum), Zhou Tiehai (Director, Minsheng Art Museum), and Philip Tinari (Director, Ullens Center for Contemporary Art).

The Curatorial Intensive at UCCA is organized in affiliation with the College of Humanities at the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing.

Application Guidelines: 12–15 applicants working internationally will be selected to participate in the Curatorial Intensive. Individuals must apply with a description of a curatorial project that he or she would like to develop through the program; a resume; a description of a recent exhibition that has made an impact on the applicant; and a cover letter. Applicants must demonstrate at least three years of curatorial experience for consideration.

Fees and Scholarships:
The program fee is 1,900 USD. Participants are also responsible for covering travel and accommodation expenses. Scholarship packages that subsidize or eliminate the program fees, accommodation and travel expenses are available and awarded based on merit. Scholarships for PRC nationals are supported by the Wu Zuoren Foundation. Scholarships for curators from Turkey will be supported by SAHA. Scholarships for Australian nationals will be supported by Asialink.



The Curatorial Intensive is made possible, in part, by grants from the Dedalus Foundation, the Hartfield Foundation, the Milton and Sally Avery Arts Foundation, the Robert Sterling Clark Foundation, and the Toby D. Lewis Philanthropic Fund; and by generous contributions from ICI’s Board of Trustees, James Cohan, the ICI Gerrit Lansing Education Fund, and the supporters of ICI’s Access Fund.

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