Ren/Rachel Ellis Neyra

Ren (Rachel) Ellis Neyra is a poet-theorist of Cuban descent who grew up in the U.S. south, and currently works as Assistant Professor of English at Wesleyan University. Ellis Neyra reads and writes about Latinx Studies; Caribbean, African Diasporic, and Latinx Poetics, Performance Art, Music, and Visual Art; Third Cinema; Cuban and Puerto Rican Contemporary Art; and Film, Literary, Queer, and Translation Theories. Recently, Ellis Neyra was living in San Juan and working on their academic book manuscript, Cry Bomba: Listening to Brown Poetics, in residency at the independent art space Beta-Local. Cry Bomba does multi-sensorial, queer readings and poetic listenings with 1970s Salsa, Latinx literature and performance, and Puerto Rican film that deviate from the promise of freedom and rehearse abnormal insurgencies. Ellis Neyra has published in ARTFORUM, BOMB, La Gaceta de Cuba, Sargasso: A Journal of Caribbean Literature, Language and Culture, Obsidian: Literature and Arts in the African Diaspora, La Habana Elegante, Comparative Literature and Culture Web, and other venues. Ellis Neyra co-made the book Caribbean Cautionary Tales (2016) with Sofía Gallisá Muriente and Nicole Smythe-Johnson.

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Meteor Shower / Días Sin Shower

Ren (Rachel) Ellis Neyra will be reading poems from her book Meteor Shower / Días Sin Shower.

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Towards an Un-American Solidarity: Thinking With Puerto Rico After Hurricane María

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Curatorial Intensive in New Orleans

ICI returns to New Orleans this March for the third Curatorial Intensive in the city since 2015.

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