Galia Eibenschutz

Galia Eibenschutz transits between the visual and the performing arts, making her performatic work the most important axis of her work. The body is one of the mediums most explored by the artist to carry out actions, interventions, drawings and videos. A constant component in her practice has been improvisation, accident and everything that destabilizes the development and outcome of her work. Contrary to the idea of meticulous, controlled and calculable art, Eibenschutz’s work is the result of a negotiation between the planned and the unforeseeable. This selection shows a collection of drawings and photographs of the costumes that the artist has used for her performances. The density, textures, and colors of the fabrics are elements that Eibenschutz visualizes prior to the realization of her works through the designs and drawings she makes in a notebook. Although it is she who conceives their form, the costumes have their own distinctive characteristics which, once they are transformed from drawing to material, inspire and condition the movement of the performance or actions. The dresses are unique pieces that in some cases are directly intervened by Eibenschutz and, in others, are the result of collaborations with other artists where we can highlight Isaac Contreras, Santiago del Conde, and Deny Ramos. With sculptural properties and reminiscent of her geometric drawings, the costumes are an essential part of the improvisation and planning behind each performance.

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The Backroom is a digital space to discover and navigate art beyond the artistic object or artifact, from a perspective that art is a continuous and relational exercise.

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