Cliford Zulu

Cliford Zulu is Director of the Centre for Contemporary Arts Bulawayo. Previously he served as the Assistant Curator, for the National Gallery of Zimbabwe IN Bulawayo Gallery.

With an artist background to me art means working with inspiration to discover more energy and transformable ideas. Still young in curating realms I am fascinated by design as such my approach is constructive and open. Collaborations and new media practices are my starting point, discharging the energy when it arises in the space where both the artists and the audience are slightly out of their comfort zone. In curating, I explore ways of building blocks with the artists and my audience enabling the spaces to engage the energy captured in the artwork. With the background of being a sculptor the academic side is still in developing, within a young art appreciating community, I find myself immersed in this new term Curating after spending years as an exhibition officer for a National Gallery mandated to research collect preserve and educate. The transformation is somewhat puzzling yet the idea of growth through networking with artists and audiences in local and international spaces inspires the voyage. To this extend I focus on building projects from the design perspective with the artists put in motion by collaborative movements through interdisciplinary practices.

involved in:

Curatorial Intensive in Marrakech

In May 2015, ICI, in collaboration with Dar al-Ma’mûn, presents the inaugural Curatorial Intensive in Marrakech, Morocco.

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