Independent Curators International supports the work of curators to help create stronger art communities through experimentation, collaboration, and international engagement.

Independent Curators International supports the work of curators to help create stronger art communities through experimentation, collaboration, and international engagement.

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Curatorial Intensive New Orleans 2019

Mar 22 – 28, 2019

New Orleans, LA, USA
Contemporary Arts Center New Orleans (CAC) and Prospect New Orleans

New Orleans, Louisiana

Independent Curators International (ICI), in collaboration with the Contemporary Arts Center New Orleans (CAC) and Prospect New Orleans, presented the fifth Curatorial Intensive in New Orleans. This ongoing partnership represents ICI’s long-term commitment to New Orleans and the greater Gulf of Mexico region.

Ariana Faye Allensworth

Ariana Faye Allensworth is an artist, researcher, and cultural strategist based in New York City.

Joel Butler

Joel Butler (Dominican Republic, 1980) is an independent curator and researcher.

Leandro Martínez Depietri

Leandro Martinez Depietri is an Argentine curator, critic, educator, and arts researcher currently based between San Diego, California, and Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Alper Turan

Alper Turan is co-founder and curator of Das Art Project, literary translator and MA researcher based in Istanbul.

Laura Augusta

Laura Augusta is a U.S.-born curator and writer working between the U.S. and Central America.

Wil Ruggiero

Wil Ruggiero is an art historian and curator based in Chicago, IL and works within modern and contemporary Latin American and Latinx art, new media, and socially engaged art practice.

Amy Crum

Amy Crum is an art historian and researcher based in New Orleans who specializes in contemporary art of the Americas.

Juliana Steiner

Juliana Steiner is an independent curator, writer and researcher who lives and works in between Bogotá and New York.

Taylor Bythewood-Porter

Since 2017, Taylor Bythewood-Porter has served as assistant history curator at California African American Museum (CAAM).

Luis Carlos Manjarrés Martínez

Luis Carlos Manjarrés Martínez is currently the curator at the Queer Museum and Maloka Interactive Center in Bogotá, Colombia.

Lena Johanna Reisner

Lena Johanna Reisner is an in-ter-dependent curator and writer based in Berlin.

Courtney Lynne Carter

Courtney Lynne Carter is a curator, writer, and educator based in Philadelphia.

Nic Brierre Aziz

Nic Brierre Aziz is an artist and curator born and raised in New Orleans, LA.

Renaud Proch

Renaud Proch is Independent Curators International (ICI)’s Executive & Artistic Director.

David Ayala-Alfonso

David Ayala-Alfonso is a Colombian curator, artist, and researcher working between Bogotá and London.

Andrea Andersson

Andrea Andersson is Chief Curator of the Visual Arts at the Contemporary Arts Center, New Orleans.

Gia Hamilton

Gia M. Hamilton, cultural practitioner and entrepreneur, has worked at the heart of art, healing, food security and education to help build sustainable communities for the past 20 years.

Katie Pfohl

Katie Pfohl is the Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art at the New Orleans Museum of Art.

Andrea Barnwell Brownlee

Dr. Andrea Barnwell Brownlee is an art historian, curator, writer, and the director of the Spelman College Museum of Fine Art.

Amanda Parmer

Amanda Parmer is a writer and curator, and formerly the Director of Programs at Independent Curators International.

Annalee Davis

Annalee Davis is a Visual Artist living and working in Barbados.

Sanford Biggers

Sanford Biggers’ work is an interplay of narrative, perspective and history that speaks to current social, political and economic happenings while also examining the contexts that bore them.

Diana Nawi

Diana Nawi is an independent curator based in Los Angeles and the Co-Artistic Director of Prospect.5, New Orleans.

About Contemporary Arts Center New Orleans (CAC)
The CAC is a multi–disciplinary arts center dedicated to the presentation, production, and promotion of the art of our time. Formed in 1976 by a passionate group of visual and performing artists when the movement to tear down the walls between visual and performing arts was active nationwide, the CAC expresses its mission by organizing world class curated exhibitions, performances, and public programs that educate and enlarge audiences for the arts.

About Prospect New Orleans
Prospect New Orleans is a citywide contemporary art triennial. Emphasizing collaborative partnerships and site-specificity, Prospect presents artwork by local, national, and international artists in both traditional and highly unexpected environments. The experience of Prospect invites residents and visitors to celebrate art and artists as intrinsic to the local landscape and to engage New Orleans as they never have before. Its next iteration—P.5—will open in 2020.

The Curatorial Intensive was made possible in part by grants from the Lambent Foundation Fund of Tides Foundation, Ford Foundation, and by generous contributions from ICI’s Leadership Council, the ICI Board of Trustees, the ICI Gerrit Lansing Education Fund, and the supporters of ICI’s Access Fund. Additional support for scholarships for the Curatorial Intensive in New Orleans were generously provided by kurimanzutto, Mexico City; Prospect New Orleans; and SAHA Association, Istanbul.