Screening and Talk with Ellen Pau

Screening and Talk with Ellen Pau
Tuesday, January 15, 2013

ICI Curatorial Hub
401 Broadway, Suite 1620
New York, NY 10013

Co-founder and artistic director of Videotage, Ellen Pau will be giving a special talk at ICI about Videotage Media Art Collection, while discussing some of Videotage’s past projects, and the recent exhibition of ICI / Creative Time’s Living as Form (the nomadic version) presented in Hong Kong. For 27 years, Videotage has served as a non-profit, interdisciplinary artist collective that focuses on new media art, and provides a platform for collaborative time-based projects. It also facilitates the discussion of art and technology in the realm of everyday lives aspiring towards a collaborative and sustainable future, through numerous activities and events, exhibitions, and festivals. This talk is in conjunction with the presentation of Videotage, Hong Kong at the ICI Curatorial Hub @ TEMP. The event is organized by Helen Homan Wu.

Oily Friction
By Lily Lau

On the day of the termination of the Oil Street Art Village, Lily Lau and her friends bid their farewells on the outside wall of the Art Village main building. Before the government evicted the final few tenants by cutting power to the building, comic writer Lily Lau climbed up the 12-story building in her heavy-duty mountain climbing gear together with friends from Greenpeace. She painted the Chinese words, “The house must be taken by the land developer” on her way to the roof along the building façade to protest, as part of the Save Oil Street Campaign.

Feminist and local comic artist, Lily Lau, draws comics about gender, sex, and politics. Lau studied graphic design at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University and worked briefly in the design field. Topics of her work include gender and sexuality, ecology and sustainable development, social justice and activism, and art and culture. Her work reflects an abiding concern for humanities. She is trying to live an enjoyable life and looks for ways to eliminate the boundaries between activist, artistic, and commercial spheres. Lau’s commitment to intellectual and activist activities and her harsh and sassy graphic style makes her work stand out from the comic world.

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January 15, 2013


Ellen Pau

Ellen Pau studied radiography at the Hong Kong Polytechnic in 1982. But being a professional radiologist could not fulfill her creative obsessions with video art and media art. A self-taught video artist, her first film Glove, a super-8mm artwork, was made and screened internationally in 1984. Pau’s early works first appeared in local screening clubs and then resurfaced on the international arena starting in 1987. From there, Pau dedicated her life in video art to the development of media art in Hong Kong. In 1986, she co-founded Videotage, a media art collective in Hong Kong, aiming at creating an umbrella organization for media artists that facilitated artistic and cultural exchange and promoted video and media art in Hong Kong. Pau is also the founding director cum curator of the Microwave International New Media Arts Festival, which celebrates its 15th Anniversary in 2011. Pau works as an independent cinematographer, curator, art critic, and researcher focusing on Asian new media arts. She also works as an art consultant for her newly founded company Inter-Act Arts. Pau’s single channel videos and video installation works have been extensively exhibited worldwide in film festivals and art biennials. In 2001, Recycling Cinema was selected and exhibited at the Hong Kong Pavilion in the 49th Venice Biennial. Recycling Cinema challenges our perception of mono-direction movements in mainstream film.

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