Yusuf Misdaq

Born by the sea in Brighton, UK to Afghan parents, Yusuf Misdaq (also known as ‘Yoshi’) has been described as a “spectral presence” in the music-scene, and no-less than a “mystic” in poetry, receiving rave reviews for his multi-genre work from art and music magazines like The WIRE, Hip-Hop Connection as well as coverage from NPR, BBC, PRI and others. Working quietly and consistently ‘under the radar,’ his creative output is extensive to say the least, with 10 books, 4 solo LP’s and numerous video, documentary film and multi-media art projects already under his belt.

As well as gaining an MA in Documentary Film-Making from the University of London, Misdaq has also worked as media relations officer for the Embassy of Afghanistan in Washington DC (during the reigns of both George W. Bush and Barack Obama); more recently he was in Benghazi, Libya, where he served as a field-producer & director for Democracy Now! at the onset of the civilian uprising. He has taught Creative Writing classes at the University of Brighton (UK), New York Universities Islamic Center, and at the Marvin Center in George Washington University, DC.

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