Tamás Kaszás

Tamás Kaszás was born in 1976 in Dunaújváros, Hungary’s first socialist town (former Sztálinváros,“Stalin-town”). He graduated at the Intermedia department of the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts where recently he has continued with his doctoral studies. Kaszás usually creates complex projects inspired by theoretical research. Then applies traditional and new media as well. By mixing poetic images with useful inventions in his exhibiting practice, art pieces appear mostly as special constellations in the frame of large installations (visual-aid). His projects are based on social questions and spiritual science. Keywords like collectivity, collapse, and survival, self-sustainability and autonomy, theory vs practice, folk science, home-made homes, cargo cult, etc. might give an idea about his main topics. In accordance with his conceptual background Kaszás tries to make an economic and ecological art practice using mostly cheap or recycled materials, techniques easily available for everyone. He often works in various collaborations, first of all with Loránt Anikó* (Ex-artists’ collective) and Kristóf Krisztián* (the Randomroutines).

involved in:

Notes for Tomorrow

Notes for Tomorrow is a new exhibition conceived by ICI, featuring artworks selected by alumni of the Curatorial Intensive from around the world to reflect on a new global reality ushered in by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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