Sara Garzón

Sara Garzón is a Colombian curator and writer based in New York City. As a doctoral candidate in art history at Cornell University, Sara specializes in modern and contemporary art focusing specifically on decoloniality, temporality, and Indigenous ecocriticism. Sara has curated a number of exhibitions such as Not Everything that Shines at the Museo Antropológico y de Arte Contemporáneo in Guayaquil (MAAC, 2019); Gestures of Power at Profound Studio, Brooklyn, NY (2018); and Nobilitas: Of Royal Blood and Other Myths at KB Espacio de Arte in Bogotá, Colombia (2017). More recently, she was awarded the Jane and Morgan Whitney Curatorial Fellowship at the Metropolitan Museum of Art (2020-21). Sara is also a founding member of the curatorial working group Collective Rewilding, which investigates the intersection between art, ecology, and care. Sara has been invited as a curator in residence at the “Creative Ecologies and Decolonial Futurities,” residency organized by Grupo de Investigación Arte y Política (GIAP) in Chiapas, Mexico (2019); the workshop for emerging curators at Para Site in Hong Kong (2019) and was part of the Science and Technology Society at Delfina Foundation in London (2020).

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Watch Now! Shadows Travel at the Speed of Light: Notes on Latin American Futurity

Colombian curator Sara Garzón and Ecuadorian artist Oscar Santillán will discuss the role that Latin American Indigenous technologies have played in advancing worldings beyond the future. In conversation, they will review artistic experiments ranging from Futurism in the New World Avant-Garde to Santillan’s Chewing Gum Codex.

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