Marina Coelho

Marina Coelho (b. 1978, São Paulo) began developing her own photography practice after receiving a graphic design degree from Faculdade de Belas Artes de São Paulo. She has curated several exhibitions throughout Brazil and published a book by Editora DBA - Dorea Books and Art. Coelho interned at the Peggy Guggenheim Collection in Venice and worked as exhibition producer at Galeria Leme, São Paulo. Further developing her curatorial skills, Coelho attended the Masters in Curating Contemporary Art at the Zurcher Hochschule der Kunste (ZHDK) in Zurich, where she lived and worked for two years. Based on the development of institutional critique, her thesis analyzed how independent art spaces emerge and how they operate within the art system. In São Paulo, Coelho implemented her thesis project, opening KUNSTHALLE São Paulo, where she has been developing several projects since 2012. Projects include: Process, a series of exhibitions of unestablished Brazilian artists through a long curatorial process; LX92, a series of exhibitions of foreign artists that create an international dialogue between São Paulo and Europe; Urbanities, a platform for projects generating debate around the idea of civility; and Dreams don’t grow old, an online publication focused on one artist that includes an interview, texts, and images of works.

involved in:

What Does it Mean to be International?

Developed by ICI in collaboration with the Mori Art Museum, the Curatorial Intensive: What Does it Mean to be International? will examine the current state of the Asian contemporary art scene within the larger global context.

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2013 Tokyo Curatorial Intensive Symposium

Join ICI and the 2013 Tokyo Curatorial Intensive on Saturday, November 2 for a daylong public symposium where the participants will present the exhibition and project proposals that they have developed through the program.

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