Laura Blereau

Based in New Orleans, Laura Blereau is the Curator and Coordinator of Academic Programming at the Newcomb Art Museum of Tulane University, where she works on exhibitions that highlight women artists, socially engaged art practices, and a collection that contextualizes the Newcomb Pottery movement. Her 2019 projects include “Per(Sister): Incarcerated Women in Louisiana“, co-curated with Mónica Ramírez-Montagut. In 2018 she published an interview with sculptor Dee Briggs, and organized the exhibition “Empire“ by Los Angeles based collective Fallen Fruit, as well as a collections display, “Clay in Place“. Until 2017, Blereau served as Curator of the Hilliard University Art Museum at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, where she produced the kinetic sculpture retrospective “Lin Emery: A Movement, 1957-2017“, and a series of single-channel video art exhibitions featuring“The Raft“ by Bill Viola, “Mesocosm (Wink, TX) by Marina Zurkow, and “Journey to the Moon“ by William Kentridge. UL Press published the 2018 exhibition catalog for “Lynda Frese - Holy Memories & Earthly Delights“, a 40-year survey of the artist’s photographic and painted works. Her exhibition “John F. Simon, Jr. - Automatic Drawings“ in Lafayette is forthcoming.

involved in:

Manfred Mohr and the Technological Avant Garde

Manfred Mohr, a pioneering artist of the digital art genre, will speak about his practice with curator Laura Blereau.

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Curatorial Intensive Symposium

Participants in ICI’s fall Curatorial Intensive present new exhibition proposals in a daylong symposium.

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Curating Performance

Organized from November 13–22, 2011 in association with the visual art performance organization Performa, the Curatorial Intensive will use the Performa 11 biennial as a platform to explore how curating performance art is being theorized and implemented today.

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