Emilia Quiñones-Otal

Emilia Quiñones-Otal was born in 1986 in Mayagüez Puerto Rico and lives and works between Mayagüez and San Juan Puerto Rico. She has curatorial experience of 10 years working in exhibitions in Spain and Puerto Rico. Her works include In-Out House, Circuitos de género y violencia en la era tecnológica (Valencia, Spain 2012-2013), Más allá de la capucha (San Juan, Puerto Rico, 2017), and other exhibitions and curatorial projects. She is also a founding member of the first curatorial collective in Puerto Rico: Trans Forma, a women only curatorial group. The collective has organized not only exhibitions, but also public events, interviews and dialogues with local curators, artists, exhibition space coordinators and art historians to participate actively in the development of research and creation in Puerto Rico. Emilia Quiñones-Otal holds a PhD in Art History from the Universidad de Valencia, Spain (2014) and is an adjunct professor at the University of Puerto Rico, Mayagüez Campus.

involved in:

Turned into Sterile Land: Embodying Intersectionality

Since the 1970s, artists from the Caribbean, Central America and Mexico have explored the connection between imperialist violence and gender violence through innovative artistic proposals.

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2018 Curatorial Intensive in Bangkok: Public Symposium

The Curatorial Intensive participants of the 2018 Bangkok program will each present their project proposals that they have been developing over the course of the program.

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Curatorial Intensive in Bangkok

ICI presents the inaugural Curatorial Intensive in Bangkok, developed in partnership with the Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts at Chulalongkorn University to coincide with the launch of its international postgraduate program in Curatorial Practice, and with the James H.W. Thompson Foundation.

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