Andrea Hill

Andrea Hill is a New York and Amsterdam-based entrepreneur and creative director who has founded companies that bring the ideas of artists and designers to a broad public. Paloma Powers and both address how brands can better support culture and best practices for artist-brand collaborations. Clients such as Gucci, Bergdorf Goodman, Airbnb and Absolut Art have sought her expertise in implementing cultural solutions and identifying artists for their campaigns, retail experiences, and marketing initiatives. In 2018, she launched TORTUGA, a direct-to-consumer furniture brand focused on modular pieces created by young designers. She is still motivated by the ideas of artists, but in applications beyond the traditional art world.

involved in:

Panel Discussion: Constructing a Place

Conceived as a transdisciplinary discussion, this event is considered as an extension of the dialogue that started in the book by Laura F. Gibellini Construyendo un Lugar / Constructing a Place. Please join us following the event for a closing reception of ICI Curatorial Hub at TEMP.

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Against the Way Things Go

Against the Way Things Go examines art objects as existing outside the laws of Newtonian physics because they originate in the mythology of human creation.

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