Join ICI’s Annual Benefit & Auction on Wednesday, October 26, 2016 as we reaffirm our commitment to curatorial practice and contemporary art. Raise a glass to the future of the organization, and in support of ICI’s new programs and partnerships. On the occasion, ICI will honor Marian Goodman with the Leo Award, and will present the Gerrit Lansing Independent Vision Award, given every other year to an emerging curator who will be selected among young professionals nominated by leading international curators.

    June 27, 2016 @ New York City


  • Highlights from the 40th Anniversary Benefit & Auction

    On Wednesday November 18, ICI hosted our 40th Anniversary Benefit & Auction, bringing together collaborators and friends from the last four decades.

    November 20, 2015 @ Artbeam, New York, NY


  • ICI At NADA Miami Beach 2015

    From December 3–5, ICI will be at NADA Miami Beach, presenting an exclusive limited edition created for us by Jessica Stockholder, Two and Fro, 2015.

    November 23, 2015 @ NADA Miami Beach Booth 1.05 The Fontainebleau Miami Beach 4441 Collins Ave Miami Beach, FL 33140


  • ICI’s 40th Anniversary Benefit & Auction

    On Wednesday, November 18, ICI’s 40th Anniversary Benefit & Auction will mark a momentous milestone and celebrate our commitment to curatorial practice and contemporary art. Raise a glass to the future of the organization, to new programs and partnerships; join us at ArtBeam in Chelsea for a magical evening of celebrations, unique auction, and to honor Michael Govan with the Leo Award, and Beatrix Ruf with the Agnes Gund Curatorial Award.

    June 29, 2015 @ New York City



    From September 17-20, ICI will be at EXPO CHICAGO at the Navy Pier on Lake Michigan. Come visit us at Booth 101, where we will unveil our latest limited edition created by Jessica Stockholder: Two and Fro, 2015. ICI will also return to Chicago for an exclusive International Forum program, connecting with curators, artists, and other ICI Collaborators at select events, gallery visits, and a private collection tour.

    August 12, 2015 @ EXPO CHICAGO



leadership council

ICI’s extensive global presence would not be possible without the transformative role of the Leadership Council.  Established in 2013, the visionary group develops new ideas that will elevate ICI to the next level. The members of the Leadership council share a passion for international perspectives on contemporary art, and recognize the need for strong regional networks of curators and art spaces within ICI’s global scope. In this way, the Council works together with ICI to nurture the curatorial network from the inside out, and establishes the crucial foundations for the future of international exchange.


international forum

Whether near or far, patrons of the International Forum are invited to join ICI for exclusive, behind-the-scenes programs, including travel opportunities, studio visits, and events throughout the year drawing from ICI’s international network. International Forum members are connected by ICI to the leading curators, collectors, artists, and institutions that are making a difference in shaping contemporary art today.


The Independents

An invitation-only membership group of dynamic individuals active in the contemporary art world that coalesce around the organization’s programs and support its vision for the future. Through ICI, the Independents have access to programs and select events with international curators and artists, and remain connected to a global world of art, access to the curators, artists, and art spaces that keep their finger on the pulse of contemporary art worldwide.


Patrons Events

ICI gives you access to the people – artists, curators, critics, collectors, and museum directors – that are key to current developments in art, curating, and exhibition-making today.  Thought-provoking events, such as the ICI Conversations series, bring you an insider's perspective on ICI, your access point to contemporary art around the world.



Support ICI by joining a network of dedicated patrons, art world professionals and enthusiasts who champion contemporary art and international collaborations. Your donation directly contributes to the production of ICI’s exhibitions, events, research and training programs, and publications, and helps forging a strong international network for curatorial exchange.

Make a fully tax-deductible contribution to ICI today, or choose to contribute to ICI’s Access Fund, or the Gerrit Lansing Education Fund.

Please contact Jenn Hyland at, or by calling 212 254 8200 ext.123 for more information.

Join ICI’s network of supporters, and help building a dynamic international exchange platform for the curators, artists and art spaces who advance art practice in the 21st century: donate any amount towards the production of exhibitions, events, training programs, research initiatives and publications; or contribute to the Access Fund, or the Gerrit Lansing Education Fund.

ici access fund

The Access Fund supports under-funded venues and curators from around the world who cannot otherwise take advantage of ICI’s programming. Since it was established in 2009, the Fund has made possible the presentation of ICI exhibitions at venues around the world, and provided scholarships for emerging curators, enabling them to attend the Curatorial Intensive.


The Gerrit Lansing Education Fund was established in 2010 to honor ICI’s founding chairman and his strong belief that the future of the organization’s success is rooted in educational activities for broad publics internationally. Enduring Gerrit’s legacy, the Fund has contributed to ICI’s public programs and supported a new generation of curators through Curatorial Intensive scholarships and the Independent Vision Award.


We thank the following Trusts and Foundations:

The Brant Foundation, Evelyn Toll Family Foundation, Foundation To-Life, Hartfield Foundation, The Joyce Foundation, Keller Family Foundation, Robert Sterling Clark Foundation, The Toby Lewis Foundation


On behalf of the ICI Board of Trustees, we thank all the individuals whose generous contributions have made ICI’s programs of exhibitions, events, publications, research and training initiatives internationally possible:

Adam Abdalla, Jan Abrams, Eleanor Acquavella, Jane Aiello, Grimanesa Amoros, Helena Anrather, Augusto Arbizo, Sarah Arison, Richard Armstrong, Garage Museum of Contemporary Art, Tiqui Atericio, Annie Auchincloss, Yona Backer, Elizabeth Baker, Henri Barguirdjian, Patricia Bell, Barbara & Bruce Berger, Liddy Berman, Marc Berson, Andrew Black, Leon Black, Richard & Jill Blanchard, Linda Blumberg, Tanya Bonakdar, Bethanie Brady, Rena Bransten, Jung Lee & Josh Brooks, Blair Brooks, Nikki Brown, David Schwimmer & Zoe Buckman, Tootsie Burk, Lisa Byala, William Bernhard & Catherine Cahill, Jereann Chaney, Barbara Chapman, Fischer Cherry, James Cohan, Pippa Cohen, Kari Conte, Susan Coote, Cynthia Corbett, Dagny Corcoran, Paul Cossu, Paula H Crown, Christopher D'Amelio, Dimitris Daskalopoulos, Gale & Shelby Davis, Clifford Davis, Victor Davson, Rafael de Cardenas, Pablo Leon de la Barra, Manuel de Santaren, Beth Rudin De Woody, Michael & Margaret Dees, Mr. & Mrs. Dehgan, Lisa Dennison, Lacy Davisson Doyle, James Sollins & Louise Eliasof, Josh Elkes, Mia Enell, T.A. Fassburg, Lex Federbush, Julia Fowler, Maxine & Stuart Frankel, Mary Garis, Richard Gluckman, Molly Gochman, Arthur & Carol Goldberg, Suzanne & John Golden, Elaine Goldman, Julieta Gonzalez, Marian Goodman, Marjorie Reed Gordon, Jay Gorney, Sarah Goulet, Julie & Robert Graham, Taymour Grahne, Peter & Laurie Grauer, Marilyn Greene, Colleen Grennan, Victoria Gross, Regina & Peter Gross, Agnes Gund, Holly J. Hager, Sabrina Hahn, Lynn & Martin Halbfinger, Susan Hapgood, Mackie Healy, Lesley & Evan Heller, Alex Herzan, Alexandra Herzan, Marlene Hess, Astrid Hill, 

Jessica Hodin, Rhona Hoffman, Lucy Holland, Jenny Holmes, Katy Homans, Stephanie Hoos, Alixandra Hornyan, Noah Horowitz, Heather Hubbs, Anne Huntington, Alexandra Isles, Phil Isles, Meg & Howard Jacobs, Andrew Jacobs, Bettina Jebsen, Sean Johnson, Tony Karman, Margie & Donald Karp, Joan & David Katsky, Kasia Kay, Ambre Kelly, Susi Kenna, Marika Kielland, Sooja Kim, Kibum Kim, Sho-Joung Kim-Wechsler, Nicole Klagsbrun, Michael L. Klein, Sarah Ko, Bettina Korek, Helen Kornblum, Svetlana Uspenskaya & Alexey Kousmichoff, Susan Kroeger, Kenneth Kuchin, Sims Lansing, Mihail Lari, Raymond Learsy, Heidi Lee, Mark Levitt, Daniel Lichtenberg, Dorothy Lichtenstein, Ellen Liman, Alexander Logsdail, Robert Longo, Rose Lord, Kristen Lorello, Ingela Lorentzen, Andrea Lounibos, Harvey M Sawikin, Kate Ma, Ellen Chesler & Matthew Mallow, Iris Marden, Dennis Masel, David Maupin, Michael Maxwell, Alexandro Maya, Lissa McClure, Matthew McNuty, Lorenzo McRae, Bee & Gregor Medinger, Turid Meeker, Joel Miller, Jonathan Miller, Kalliopi Minioudaki, Celine Mo, Mary Morgan, Liz Mulholland, Beth Nash, Barbara Nessim, Lia Newman, Kathleen O'Grady, Judith Oppenheimer, Christina Pacetti, Kim & John Palmer, Gabriela Palmieri, Ruth Miles Pite, Louise Puschel, Sangeetha Ramaswamy, Julie Mehretu & Jessica Rankin, Erica Redling, Emily Reifel, Katrina Reitman, Nienke van den Hoek & Alexander Ribbink, Stéphane Ribordy, Sheila Robbins, Victoria Rogers, Joel Rosenkranz, Wilbur & Hilary Ross, Aldo Rubino, Sterling Ruby, Kerstin Ruoff, Jane Sadaka, Ellen Sandor, Andrew & Denise Saul, Lisa Schiff, Eugene Schneur, Hanna Schouwink, Barbara Schwartz, Ellen & Dennis Schweber, Patricia & Charles Selden, Stephanie Seymour, Lauren Sharfman, Manny Sharp, Kelli Shaughnessy, Helen Tsanos Sheinman, Gerald Shepps, Joyce Siegel, Suzanne Slesin, James Stanton, Halsey Stebbins, Robert & Gillian Steel, Tasha Sterling, Heiko Stoiber, Jovana Stokic, Andrew Stone, Leila Straus, Jr., Mary Anne Talotta, Rebecca Taylor, Max Teicher, Ann Tenenbaum, Carolee Thea, Leslie Tonkonow, Julie & Hans Utsch, Doris Castells Valle, Marlies Verhoeven, Mercedes Vilardell, Ryan Wallace, Frank Walter III, Helen Warwick, Dorsey Waxter, Kara Vander Weg, Benjamin Whine, Virginia Bloedel Wright, Joseph Yurcik, Andres Zervigon, Dasha Zhukova, Paschalina Lilia Ziamou, Robert Zungu

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