Eoin Dara

Eoin Dara is a curator based in Belfast. He gained a MA (Hons) in Art History and English Literature at the University of Edinburgh, and is currently working as the Assistant Curator at the MAC. In this capacity he has worked with artists such as Kara Walker, Johanna Billing, Mary McIntyre, and Lothar Götz, as well as delivered exhibitions of work by Andy Warhol, Robert Therrien, and Bas Jan Ader. Dara was a co-director of Catalyst Arts from 2010 to 2012, and is one of the co-founders and lead curators of both the domestic exhibition space Satis House, and the curatorial collective Household. Recent independent curatorial projects include Moments of Inception at QSS Gallery, and this is authenticity at the Golden Thread Gallery.

involved in:

Eoin Dara: the spaces through which we go daily

Belfast-based curator Eoin Dara will speak on the wealth of artistic activity shaping the city of Belfast, and the social and political context in which this work is being produced.

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Curatorial Intensive in Londonderry

Developed by ICI in collaboration with Centre for Contemporary Art (CCA) Derry~Londonderry, the Curatorial Intensive: From “Official History” to Underrepresented Narratives will examine the role of cultural production in addressing geopolitical landscapes and recent histories.

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