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In the face of multiple climatic, social, and health emergencies, the future has become one of the most contested sites of political and artistic concern.

Listen to Colombia curator Sara Garzón and Ecuadorian artist Oscar Santillán examine futurity in Latin American in contemporary art, technology and art-making, and technological futures. The two also discuss Oscar’s latest projects Antimundo, Chewing Gum Codex, Solaris, and The Woman and The Robot. A video with closed-captioning will be available on our website soon.

Between the late 1960s and 1990s, a group of queer Chicanx artists based in Los Angeles privileged collaboration and experimentation as they contributed to significant artistic and cultural movements, such as mail art, feminist print media, the formation of alternative spaces, punk music and performance, as well as artistic responses to the AIDS crisis. Their diverse artistic practices are contextualized within intersecting fields of queer and Latinx art history in the ICI exhibtion Axis Mundo: Queer Networks in Chicano L.A.

In this conversation between Axis Mundo's co-curators C. Ondine Chavoya and David Evans Frantz, moderated by ICI’s Becky Nahom, the curatorial team discusses their methodology, what it took to realize this first-of-it-kind historical exhibition, the importance of contextualizing the artists' legacies, and how the exhibition tour engaged with and influenced various communities wherever it traveled.

Note on the video: The original footage from the event begins at 19:47. The introduction was re-recorded. A video with closed-captioning will be available on our website soon.


Responsive and independent curatorial models continue to emerge outside of art institutions, confronting the physical and social barriers that keep people from engaging with art. Foreseeing many of these shifts, Any Given Sunday, curated by Riason Naidoo, was a 2016 public art project that was presented in Cape Town, South Africa.

Naidoo reflects on a curatorial approach that can be understood as covert, developing anonymous and random artistic interventions focusing on the social, economic, and political context, reaching a public outside of the established, dominant frameworks for the presentation of contemporary art.

How do we create a new form of collective being? How do we reframe dominant forms of knowledge? In New Models and Future FormsAbhijan Toto (Curatorial Intensive Alumnus, Bangkok '18), discussed with Mari Spirito (Curatorial Intensive Alumna, Inhotim '12), collective forms of engagement, beyond only the exhibitionary, as ways to reduce cultural consumption and extraction.

The two also discussed their upcoming collaboration, A Few In Many Places 2021, a group exhibition presented by Spirito's Protocinema held across six cities, Seoul, Bangkok, Istanbul, New York, San Juan, and Guatemala City, which addresses re-learning, collective practice, and breaking historical cycles of violence. 

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