Soothsayer Serenades at Cantor Fitzgerald Gallery

Posted on February 18, 2021

As part of ICI’s exhibition Notes for Tomorrow, the work Soothsayer Serenades by artist Amrita Hepi, is a provocation for moving together while apart, without proof of presence. An offline dance class or walk.

A new playlist and provocation will be released weekly on Wednesday, over the course of eight weeks. There will be no Zoom meet-up, no Insta live - just the promise to move together. Leave the trace where you wish in the real world.

Soothsayer is a person who can predict the future by magical, intuitive, or event rational means - a provocation to this moving-together-ness is that we become that sage.

This iteration of Soothsayer Serenades has been created in collaboration with the artist and Cantor Fitzgerald Gallery. Check-in weekly for updates, with playlists available to listen to on Spotify.

Click here for updates about this work and all Notes for Tomorrow programming at Cantor Fitzgerald Gallery.

Ruminate In What You Might Pass Over [Released 2/17/21]

Quotidian Slice [Released 2/24/21]

Long Haulin’, Poco a Poco [Released 3/3/21]

Soul in Transition, Destiny in the Distance [Released 3/10/21]

Lagos na so so enjoyment [Released 3/17/21]

adigitaldolphinfloatinginanimaginedmarblerotundawegotoescapeourveryrealdystopia[Released 3/31/21]

Listen by Tommy Guerrero [Released 4/7/21]

MEGA MIX [Released 4/14/21]

Design Credit: Nadia Hernandez @nando_nandez

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