Mapping the Caribbean: Dominican Republic

Posted on September 2, 2012

International Triennial of The Caribbean

The International Triennial of The Caribbean was founded in 2010 in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. The first triennial was conceived as a unique platform for the empowerment of contemporary art and artists in the Caribbean and Central America proposing a new commitment to multicultural dialogue.

Open to the public from September 1 to October 24, 2010, it was curated by Dominique Brebion (Francophone Caribbean curator), a committee of curators (Anglophone Caribbean curators), Jorge Gutiérrez (Grand Caribbean and Miami curator), José Manuel Noceda (curator in Central America), Jennifer Smit (Dutch Caribbean curator), and Danilo de los Santos (Hispanic Caribbean curator).

The Triennial focused on artists considering the construction of complex identities and contemporary social realities, as well as a major concern for the endangered biodiversity and environment in the region. The artists included Milton Becerra (Venezuela), Tony Capellán (Dominican Republic), Caryanna Castillo (Dominican Republic), Cristina Cuadra (Mexico/Nicaragua), Tirso Martha (Curazao), Colectivo La Torana (Guatemala), Marcos Lora Read (Dominican Republic), Charo Oquet (Dominican Republic), Fausto Ortiz/Colectivo Recycle2 (Dominican Republic), Francisco Salguero Leal/Colectivo Recycle2 (México), Jorge Pineda (Dominican Republic), Belkis Ramírez (Dominican Republic), Antuán Rodríguez (Cuba), Adán Vallecillo (Honduras), Verónica Vides (El Salvador), Patricia Villalobos (Nicaragua), and Wendy Wischer (U.S.).

Reflecting the evolving landscape of the art scene, this platform will be updated as new information becomes available. Thanks to the artists and curators who have helped to shape and enrich the project to date.

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