Mapping the Caribbean: Aruba

Posted on September 2, 2012

Prome Encuentro Bienal Arte Contemporaneo Di Caribe Aruba, 2011-2012

The Aruba biennial was organized by Fundación Encuentro Prome Bienal di Aruba as an initiative of award winning contemporary artist and manager Alida Martinez and art collector Roly Sint Jago. It was a multi-tiered event with exhibitions, lectures, workshops, and seminars. From November 2011 through June 2012, the biennial served as an artistic platform inviting the local audience and Caribbean artists, art critics, art teachers, and the international press to participate, and cross-pollinating the regional art scene. Cuban Curator Jose Manuel Noceda Fernandez, curator of Centro de Arte Contempraneo Wilfredo Lam in Havana Vieja, joined the artistic effort.

The Aruba biennial aims to serve as a platform or stage: a cycle of activities over some months reflecting a variety of thematic interests related to the current Caribbean milieu and its art. It also seeks to foster the area’s relations with other geocultural zones with similar characteristics and problems, inviting creative people from the Caribbean and elsewhere to exhibit their work in Aruba and share the fruits of their experience with the Aruban artists.

Reflecting the evolving landscape of the art scene, this platform will be updated as new information becomes available. Thanks to the artists and curators who have helped to shape and enrich the project to date.

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