FAX at South London Gallery

Posted on September 21, 2011

Early this Fall, Independent Curators International (ICI) was in residence at the South London Gallery (SLG) which created an open forum for reflection on current curatorial practices by inviting curators from its network to collaborate on research into what it means to be working internationally today. Following this period in residence in the Outset Artists’ Flat, ICI presented two exhibitions, FAX and Project 35, alongside a reading room in the SLG’s New Galleries.

From September 21 to November 27th FAX and Project 35 were presented alongside a reading room that include issues of ICI’s international journal, DISPATCH, as well as the Martha Wilson Sourcebook, the first in a new publications series at ICI, and research materials from the participating curators in residence.

This exhibition at the SLG is the first time FAX has been presented in the U.K. and on this occasion three curators (David Ayala Alfonso, Oyinda Fakeye, and Zane Onckule) collaborated on the project, each inviting up to 20 artists to fax in an artwork at any time during the run of the show. Based in Bogota, Columbia, David Ayala Alfonso is the curator for Project For Empty Space: Bogota, and Chief Editor for {{em_rgencia} magazine, as well as a collaborator with the Group 0,29; Oyinda Fakeye is an independent curator and the co-director/founder of The Video Art Network (VAN) in Lagos, Nigeria; and Zane Onckule is an independent curator and writer, as well as the director of KIM? Contemporary Art Centre in Riga, Latvia.

FAX was also taking place at the Knoxville Museum of Art this Autumn, where ten artists from East Tennessee were invited to participate. To explore the potential of simultaneous exhibitions, SLG developed a collaborative exchange with this U.S institution.

For images of the project, please continue here.

South London Gallery Fax

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