Studio visit: Tony Matelli

During Armory Week on Saturday March 8th, ICI trustees and close friends of the organization gathered at the studio of Tony Matelli in Long Island City to celebrate the Limited Edition he produced exclusively for ICI.

Developed out of Matelli’s recent Garden series, and based on the 2016 Leo Award presented to Marian Goodman at ICI’s Benefit, the piece displays an aged head of cast concrete delicately crowned by a triad of seemingly ripe strawberries.  Cast in bronze and meticulously painted, these eternally ripe fruits contrast pointedly with their carefully weathered base. This disjunctive pairing belies the work’s high production, creating a seamless experience of both accelerated and arrested time.

March 4, 2017

Tony Matelli’s Studio
Long Island City


Independent Curators International (ICI)

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