Plan Your Vote 2020

Plan Your Vote
Ongoing through November 3, 2020

This fall, ICI and 40 US art spaces in 25 states partnered with Plan Your Vote to promote and encourage US voter registration and participation in the upcoming election. As an initiative of the nationally recognized, created by Christine Messineo, Plan Your Vote has commissioned more than seventy artists to create visual reminders and prompts to strategize your vote before November 3.

From ICI’s network of collaborators across the US, 40 museums, university galleries, and art spaces have joined ICI to take part in the Plan Your Vote campaign. We are part of more than 100 Plan Your Vote partner institutions, connecting and mobilizing our communities to empower everyone to have a voting strategy.

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PLAN YOUR VOTE is a 2020 artist initiative to promote and empower citizens to exercise their right to vote. Go to to register if you haven’t already, verify your registration if you have any doubt, and check your absentee status if you aren’t sure. You can also set a reminder in case you forget. And you can download free artworks to share on social media with your friends and family and remind them to get vote-ready.

Image courtesy of and Joseph Grigely

September 24, 2020 - November 3, 2020


Plan Your Vote

Plan Your Vote is a 2020 visual arts initiative from that harnesses the power of art to promote and encourage citizens to exercise their right to vote.

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