On Wednesday October 26, ICI hosted our 2016 Annual Benefit & Auction, bringing together collaborators and friends from around the world.  Thank you to FÊTE for their vision and creativity in transforming the Cedar Lake space into the perfect environment for a magical evening. And thank you to Glenmede and Voss for generously sponsoring the event!  Read more about the event via ArtNews and the Wall Street Journal here.

Franklin Sirmans, Director of the Pérez Art Museum Miami, presented Miguel Lopez with the Independent Vision Curatorial Award, and ICI Trustee Emerita Agnes Gund presented Marian Goodman with the Leo Award. The 2016 Leo Award was created by Tony Matelli.

Thank you to all the artists who generously donated works and experiences to our auction, truly a testament to their support and commitment to ICI. Thank you to Renate Aller, Zoë Buckman, the Estate of Sarah Charlesworth, Fischer Cherry, Willie Cole, TM Davy, Brock Enright, Jennie Jieun Lee, Chris Johanson, Rashid Johnson, Tarik Kiswanson, Justine Kurland, Tony Matelli, Jessica Mein, Vik Muniz, Eduardo Navarro, John Newman, Giacinto Occhionero, Gabriel Orozco, Lina Puerta, Alan Shields, Ray Smith, Alec Soth, and Betty Woodman.

The live auction was led by the dynamic Michael Macaulay, Senior Vice President, Head of Evening Sales Contemporary Art, Sotheby’s, New York, and the silent auction was powered by Artsy.

Thank you to our Benefit Co-chairs dream team: Noreen Ahmad, Ann Cook, and Yulia Dultsina and Honorary Co-chairs: Sydie Lansing and Ann Schaffer.

And to our Benefit Committee: Adam Abdalla, Shane Akeroyd, Augusto Arbizo, Kristen Becker, Jeffrey Bishop, Nikki Brown, Belinda Buck Kielland, Lee and Libby Buck, Christo, Bridget Finn, Jack Geary, Carol Goldberg, Taymour Grahne, Agnes Gund, Holly Hager, Rashid Johnson and Sheree Hovsepian, Heather Hubbs, Tony Karman, Christine Kuan, Ellen Langan, Dominique Lévy, Laure Lim, Kristen Lorello, Michele Maccarone, Joel Miller, Sam Moyer, Vik Muniz, Koray Duman and Simon Preston, Mel Schaffer, Lisa Schiff, Hanna Schouwink, Adam Shopkorn, Patterson Sims, Mari Spirito, Sarina Tang, Barbara Toll, Helen Tsanos Sheinman, Kara Vander Weg, Caroline Waxler, Kate Werble, Begum Yasar, Joseph Yurcik.

Our deepest thanks go to ICI’s tireless Board of Trustees for their sustaining leadership: Gerrit L. Lansing*, Chairman Emeritus; Sydie Lansing, Honorary Chairman; Jeannie M. Grant, Chair; Patterson Sims, Chair; Barbara Toll, Vice Chair; Belinda Buck Kielland, President; Ann Schaffer, Vice President; Noreen Ahmad; Jeffrey Bishop; Christo & Jeanne-Claude*; Ann Cook; Yulia Dultsina; Bridget Finn; Jack Geary; Jo Carole Lauder; Laure Lim; Joel Miller; Sam Moyer; Vik Muniz; Mel Schaffer, Treasurer; Sarina Tang, International Representative. Trustee Emerita: Maxine Frankel, Carol Goldberg, Agnes Gund, Caral G. Lebworth*, Virginia Wright. ICI Co-founders: Susan Sollins*, Nina Castelli Sundell*.
*In Memoriam

Marian Goodman, Agnes Gund, Klaus Biesenbach, Renaud Proch. Photo: Vladimir Weinstein, Billy Farrell Agency.

Robert Longo, Rashid Johnson, Kate Fowle.  Photo: Vladimir Weinstein, Billy Farrell Agency.

Sheree Hovsepian, Isolde Brielmaier, Franklin Sirmans.  Photo: Vladimir Weinstein, Billy Farrell Agency.

Photo: Vladimir Weinstein, Billy Farrell Agency.

Scott Lorinsky, Ian and Serge Krawiecki Gazes, Bridget Finn.  Photo: Miria-Sabina Maciagiewicz.

Fischer Cherry, Zoë Buckman.  Photo: Vladimir Weinstein, Billy Farrell Agency.

Julie Mehretu, Marian Goodman, Maurizio Cattelan.  Photo: Vladimir Weinstein, Billy Farrell Agency.

Marian Goodman accepts the 2016 Leo Award.  Photo: Vladimir Weinstein, Billy Farrell Agency.

The 2016 Leo Award by Tony Matelli.  Photo: Miria-Sabina Maciagiewicz.

Sam Moyer, Tony Matelli, Ann Schaffer.  Photo: Vladimir Weinstein, Billy Farrell Agency.

Olympia Sonnier, Lucy Poe.  Photo: Miria-Sabina Maciagiewicz.

Franklin Sirmans, Renaud Proch, Miguel A. Lopez, Gala Berger.  Photo: Miria-Sabina Maciagiewicz.

Photo: Miria-Sabina Maciagiewicz.

Photo: Miria-Sabina Maciagiewicz.

Header photo: Miria-Sabina Maciagiewicz.

October 26, 2016


Independent Curators International (ICI)

Independent Curators International (ICI) supports the work of curators to help create stronger art communities through experimentation, collaboration, and international engagement. Curators are arts community leaders and organizers who champion artistic practice; build essential infrastructures and institutions; and generate public engagement with art. Our collaborative programs connect curators across generations, and across social, political and cultural borders. They form an international framework for sharing knowledge and resources — promoting cultural exchange, access to art, and public awareness for the curator’s role.

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