Dead Lands: Josh T. Franco in Conversation with Rotem Rozental

Image: Josh T. Franco, In Tllilli, In Tlapalli: Three Tejanos in Red and Black. Installation View. Height specific plywood mounts (6’, 4’10’’, 5’7’’). Beeswax coated glyphs, dimensions varying between 1"x1” to 4"x4”. Storytelling table: small table and a 8.5” x 11” lightbox.

Dead Lands: Josh T. Franco in Conversation with Rotem Rozental
Thursday, April 28, 2016
ICI Curatorial Hub

401 Broadway, Suite 1620
FREE and open to the public

In conjunction with the exhibition Dead Lands: Karkaot Mawat, on view at NurtureArt, artist Josh T. Franco joins in conversation with Curatorial Intensive alumna Rotem Rozental.

As a starting point, the two will discuss Josh T. Franco’s installation “In Tlilli, In Tlapalli: Three Tejanos in Red and Black” – which began with its first iteration in Texas and has been reconfigured for its current presentation in Bushwick. Franco’s work focuses on the writings of Donald Judd, Gloria E. Anzaldúa and Sandra Cisneros. In the process of migration and reconfiguration of the work, the artist and the curator have brought up issues of identity and communal experience, and transformation in the act of re-presenting and re-reading.

Dead Lands: Karkaot Mawat presents a selection of international artists who negotiate their identity as it is defined, celebrated, marginalized or excluded in a persistent relationship of struggle with the land. Dead Lands suggests an understanding of the land, both concrete and imagined, that functions as a point of reference, a beginning or an end, to shaping identity.

This event is free and open to the public. To attend, please RSVP to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) with JOSH in the subject line.

April 28, 2016

ICI Curatorial Hub
401 Broadway, Suite 1620
New York, NY 10013


Josh T. Franco

Josh T. Franco is an art historian who makes one non-written thing a year. These things have been hosted by Co-Lab (Austin), Society for the Study of Gloria E. Anzaldúa, Community School of Music and Art (Ithaca), Esperanza Peace and Justice Center (San Antonio), Lady Base Gallery (San Antonio), and WorkSpaceBrussels. He is completing his dissertation “Marfa, Marfa: Minimalism, rasquachismo, and Questioning ‘Decolonial Aesthetics’ in Far West Texas” at Binghamton University. Franco’s work has received support from plenty of generous people, the Flemish government, the Clifford D. Clark Fellowship, the Ithaca College Predoctoral Diversity Fellowship, and the Imagining America PAGE (Publicly Active Graduate Education) Fellowship. Since January 2013, he has been an Artist-Guide at JUDD Foundation, 101 Spring Street. He currently serves as Latino Collections Specialist, Archives of American Art.

Rotem Rozental

Rotem Rozental is the Chief Curator of the American Jewish University in Los Angeles, CA. In this capacity, she serves as the Assistant Dean of the Whizin Center and the Director of the Institute for Jewish Creativity (IJC). Rotem is a photo-historian, writer, and curator. Traversing the domains of technology, media and art, Rotem has been working as a consultant, editor, writer, educator and organizer for international publications, cultural non-profits and organizations, among them Dia:Beacon, The Liverpool Biennial, The Brooklyn Institute for Social Research, and the Jerusalem Season of Culture. Her scholarly and curatorial projects were also supported by Artis, Independent Curators International, NurtureArt and the Center for Jewish History (NYC).  Most recently, she curated the dual exhibition Launch Sites L.A., which expands unto two sites in Los Angeles, several countries and a number of potential universes. Rotem’s writings and academic essays appeared in magazines, journals, and publications such as Photographies, Philosophy of Photography,,, and Uncertain States. Rotem is currently pursuing her Dissertation project, in which she explores the intersections of Zionist photographic archives, the image of the body and the writing of a national territory under the guidance of Prof. John Tagg (Binghamton University, NY).

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