Sydney Stoudmire

Sydney Stoudmire is an independent curator and the Executive Director of Woman Made Gallery (WMG), an organization dedicated to creating equality in the art world. At WMG, Stoudmire facilitates public programming, through artist and curator gallery talks, symposia and panel discussion, workshops, and performances, with the goal of creating a hub for lively and provocative, inter-generational and intra-community cultural conversations that heighten awareness and understanding of complex structural inequalities relating to race, class, gender, and ability. Stoudmire’s work is rooted in developing strategies for modifying policies and practices to produce equal opportunities and outcomes for marginalized populations in the arts, and providing opportunities for artists and cultural producers to develop and present new work. Stoudmire is a graduate from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, where she earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Art History and Arts Administration. Recent projects include “Entirely Myself” (2016) featuring paintings by Lili Elbe—the first recipient of gender confirmation surgery; and The Pretty Nasty Imagination of Adele Supreme (2016), a solo exhibition presenting works large scale erotic drawings/paintings that beckon viewers discern perception from subjection, find liberation in hidden meaning, and get lost in a wonderland where matriarchy reigns.

involved in:

Curatorial Intensive in Manila: Public Symposium

The participants of the Curatorial Intensive in Manila will each present their exhibition and project proposals they have developed throughout the course of the week.

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Curatorial Intensive in Manila

This November, ICI produces the inaugural Curatorial Intensive in Manila, in collaboration with the Metropolitan Museum of Manila and with the support of the NCCA and the Office of Senator Loren Legarda.

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