Ilya Kabakov

involved in:

do it

do it is the longest-running and far-reaching exhibition, giving new meaning to the concept of the "Exhibition in Progress."do it takes written instructions by artists, which can be interpreted anew each time they are enacted. 

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Lives of Artists

Lives of Artists is a curatorial research project that aims to initiate a critical discourse and presentation of the fictional artist as an artistic practice and production.

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Beyond Preconceptions: The Sixties Experiment

The sixties was a decade of dramatic political and cultural change. Throughout the world, artists questioned the very notion of art as they searched for alternative theoretical models reflecting their own political and cultural realities.

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At the Threshold of the Visible

This exhibition examines the uses and the value of tininess in contemporary art practices during the past thirty years. It focuses on artworks that embody specific qualities and issues associated with the extremely small, in particular, intimacy, a problematic accessibility, and a conception of the sublime that is playfully paradoxical.

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After Perestroika: Kitchenmaids or Stateswomen

After Perestroika examines the shifts in women’s lives by exploring depictions and imagery of women in the former Soviet Union, challenging cultural attitudes, and bringing to light the socio-political climate for women and artists during the 90s in the post-Soviet states.

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