Cory Tamler

Cory Tamler ( is a writer, translator, and interdisciplinary artist whose practice is rooted in theatre, performance as research, and community organizing. She has created and participated in research-based performance projects in the U.S., Germany, and Serbia, and is a core artist with civic arts organization Open Waters in Maine. Cory was a Fulbright Scholar (Berlin), has held fellowships at the James Gallery and the New Museum, and her academic and critical writing and translations have been published in The Mercurian, Studies in Musical Theatre, Asymptote, Culturebot, The Offing, Extended Play, Howlround, and SCENA. As a Ph.D. student in Theatre and Performance at The Graduate Center, CUNY, she studies open-ended artistic work from social practice to community-based theatre in the Balkans, Germany, and the US. She teaches in the Department of Theater at Brooklyn College and is a member of Commitment Experiment, an experimental performance collective.

involved in:

Reading Group: What Will the Next Revolution Be Like?

On August 20 we are reading the sixth chapter “What Will the Next Revolution Be Like?,” translated by Rawley Grau and originally published in e-flux journal in 2009. The conversation will be co-led by filmmaker, animator, and artist Birgit Rathsmann, and writer, translator and interdisciplinary artist, Cory Tamler.

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Comradeship Reading Group: Body and the East

On March 19 we are reading the first chapter “Body and the East,” translated by Mika Briški and previously published by the Moderna galerija, Ljubljana in 1998.  The conversation will be led by writer, translator, and interdisciplinary artist Cory Tamler and art historian and curator Jovana Stokic. Throughout 2019 ICI are reading and thinking through Comradeship: Curating, Art, and Politics in Post-Socialist Europe. This selection of texts by Zdenka Badovinac, edited by J. Myers-Szupinska, gathers twenty years of writings from disparate and hard-to-find sources alongside new texts from the forward-thinking Slovenian curator, museum director, and scholar Zdenka Badovinac.

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Comradeship Reading Group

Comradeship: Curating, Art, and Politics in Post-Socialist Europe: Reading Group

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