do it

Hunter East Harlem Gallery

Hunter East Harlem Gallery
New York, New York, United States
April 12, 2019–June 1, 2019

ICI, in partnership with Studio in a School NYC, presents do it (in school) at the Hunter East Harlem Gallery. This selection of instructions and their manifestations form a study-based curriculum for high school students building on do it’s twenty-six year history. The project is geared towards critical thinking, conceptual art and creative experience through hands-on workshops. do it (in school) provides a platform for students to engage with contemporary artists and practices from around the world, generating artworks that respond to their personal experience as they interpret the instructions for themselves.

The exhibition at Hunter East Harlem Gallery highlights a selection of do it instructions realized by students in the Studio in a School program alongside documentation of the processes of students interpreting the artists’ written scores. Additionally, high school students throughout New York City have been invited to enact the do it scores during workshops held at the Hunter East Harlem Gallery.

Works created by New York City High School students studying at Art and Design High School in Manhattan; Fordham High School for the Arts in Bronx; Frank Sinatra School of the Arts High School in Queens; Manhattan/Hunter Science High School; PS7 8th Graders in East Harlem, Boys Club of NY from Gerry Clubhouse, among others.

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