Push Play Artist Pedro Reyes’ Creative Time Commission Now On View in New York

Pedro Reyes, Feather Fun (2012).  Installation view courtesy of ICI.

Pedro Reyes, Feather Fun (2012). Installation view courtesy of ICI.

Posted on October 18, 2016

Pedro Reyes has two works on view as part of Push Play now through December 13 at the Sheila C. Johnson Design Center. Sanatorium: City Leaks, 2011-present and Feather Fun, 2012 highlight Reyes’ interest in interactive art notably explored in his new Creative Time commission DOOMOCRACY. Creative Time curator Nato Thomson writes of DOOMOCRACY:

Conjuring Dante’s Inferno, Doomocracy asks us to briefly “Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.” In this performative artwork– part Fox News, part Heironimous Bosch — the traditional horrors transform from creepy castles, vampires and zombies to corporate boardrooms, investors, and gun toting racists. Doomocracy acts as a mirror, perhaps a wacky fun house mirror, of the traumatic world outside. And in the spirit of Halloween, allows us to briefly confront, and even satirically enjoy, the demons that we, as people of this planet, live with daily.

Find out more about DOOMOCRACY here and read Holland Cotter’s review of the exhibition here.

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