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NYTimes Reading Group
New York Times Feminist Reading Group, December 3, 2011.

In September 2011, ICI debuted the Curatorial Hub. Housed within ICI’s new 2,500 square-foot Tribeca offices, the newly created venue serves as a discursive event space, meeting point and temporary operational base for international curators to use when they are in New York.

The Curatorial Hub was designed by Andrew Ong, who is known for his work with leading New York galleries including 303 Gallery, D’Amelio Terras, Sikkema Jenkins, and most recently Untitled in the Lower East Side. As ICI’s first expansion in nearly three decades, the premises were conceived as a flexible and modular
work environment that will adjust to a changing and evolving field.

Intended to better facilitate the informal exchange of ideas and experiences between professionals, the Curatorial Hub also houses a library of periodicals and books from curators and institutions all over the world, and it provides a flexible project space for talks, screenings, and training programs. This enables greater diversification and outreach in ICI’s programming in response to emerging curatorial practices from curators and artists across generations.

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For more information on ICI’s Curatorial Hub, contact Misa Jeffereis at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or 212.254.8200 x126

Curator's Network

Now in its second year of existence, the Curator’s Network includes an online guide to sought-after professional opportunities and a reading room. Through the Network, curators can access information on residencies, current job and fellowship opportunities, calls for exhibitions and conference papers, as well as articles on curating and source material for research.

• A new online platform launched, improving the navigation, functionality, and readability of the Curator’s Network.  Stay tuned for additional features and resources this fall.

• A bi-monthly newsletter is received by all curators on the Network, directing them to important information, opportunities, text and articles, as well as exclusive offers from ICI.

• Expanding outside of its virtual platform, the Curator’s Network will soon offer its members more integration with the Curatorial Hub. Select programming at the Hub will connect directly with curators affiliated with the Network, while they will also be able to use ICI’s headquarters in New York as a base when they are visiting the city.

The Curator’s Network has over 350 members from 25 countries, all professionals in the field, who share a desire to build and open up their interests and research through international connections. The fully tax-deductible annual subscription is $100.

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Curatorial Hub Library

ICI Curatorial Library
The ICI Library, like the Curatorial Hub it is part of, serves to document the recent developments in contemporary art through the lens of international curatorial practice. It presents itself as a tool for research and an accessible resource for curators living in or coming through New York.

In addition, the ICI Library is the permanent home of Cleopatra’s Library. A Brooklyn-based collaborative and art space, Cleopatra’s began this project in 2008 by inviting over 300 curators whom they collectively admired to take part in the formation of a reference library. Since then, this ever-expanding bookshelf has functioned as an open resource to the public, built upon over time with thought-through contributions by colleagues, mentors, and friends, professionals in various disciplines within the arts. All 300 curators were asked to make a donation of their choice, reflecting their personal interests, curatorial concerns they feel most strongly about, or the philosophical, theoretical or aesthetic movements that drive them.

This unique project continues to evolve with the contributions of curators who are part of ICI’s international network. The ICI Library is quickly developing, and its holding can be looked up through an online search engine accessible on ICI’s website.

With an eye to continuously grow the Library, ICI welcomes donations of books, catalogues and exciting volumes to complement our collection. To donate books, please contact us to make sure they are what the Library currently needs, and to arrange for delivery.

ICI is also developing opportunities for catalog exchanges with other publishing institutions, setting up regular exchanges among organizations with an interest in being part of an international art network.

For more information about the Library, contact Misa Jeffereis at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or 212 254 8200 x126.